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Immerse yourself in our range of services that enhance your beauty and well-being at Centro de Estética Guaraná.

Beauty and Wellness Experiences

At Guaraná Aesthetic Centre, we invite you to discover our wide range of beauty and wellness services, designed to pamper you and enhance your unique beauty. Our facial treatments range from chemical peel rejuvenation, a three-session skin rejuvenation, to relaxing body wood therapy that revitalises and sculpts your body. Our relaxing and anti-cellulite massages will transport you to a state of total serenity, while our specialised eyelash lift and brow design, including the option of henna, enhance your natural features.

Explore our range of hair removal services, from warm or hot waxing to electric hair removal, giving you personalised options for smooth, hair-free skin. Discover the power of the device with radiofrequency treatments for face and body, as well as the revolutionary Bellaction Duo technology, which combines radiofrequency for exceptional rejuvenation. Plus, experience pressure therapy for a revitalising and lightening sensation on your body.

For your hands, our semi-permanent and permanent manicure offers a touch of lasting elegance. Dive into the world of laser speciality with our expert and explore the magic of microblading and micropigmentation for eyebrows, eyes and lips, ensuring a flawless look in every detail. Our advanced dermapen and eye contouring technology addresses specific skin concerns, while vitamin C and maderotherapy facials give you a rejuvenating glow.

For complete body care, our body treatments and radiofrequency techniques ensure smooth, toned skin. Experience electric hair removal for precise, long-lasting results, and immerse yourself in a myoxygenating facial massage that revitalises your skin and senses. Finally, enjoy body massages that release tension and revitalise your body.

At Guaraná Aesthetic Centre, each service is a personalised and rejuvenating experience, carried out by passionate and expert professionals who are dedicated to enhancing your inner and outer beauty.