About us

Welcome to Centro de Estética Guaraná: your oasis of beauty and wellbeing.

What defines us

We are a passionate team dedicated to enhancing your personal beauty through cutting-edge, proven methods. Our mission is to offer you the most innovative and effective treatments to make you feel radiant both inside and out.

In our constant quest for excellence, we introduce you to galvanic current, a true breakthrough in the fight against skin ageing. Experience an immediate firming effect that will leave you amazed from the very first session. This painless and non-invasive method is especially recommended for skin that is looking to regain its lost vitality. Say goodbye to blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and acne marks, and welcome a rejuvenated and radiant skin.

In addition, our experience of more than 20 years in the beauty field has allowed us to perfect diode laser hair removal, an advanced technique for the progressive removal of unwanted hair in different body areas. Our commitment to excellence has remained unwavering over time, and we are proud to retain the passion and professionalism that has defined us since our inception.

Some of our treatments

At Guaraná Aesthetic Centre, we offer a wide range of body and facial treatments that will allow you to experience complete wellness. From Shellac manicures and pedicures to warm and hot waxing, bamboo massages and maderotherapy, we aim to meet your individual needs and enhance your unique beauty.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We offer a variety of additional services, including relaxing massages, solarium for a healthy tan, gel nails and gel polish for a lasting touch of elegance, as well as professional make-up for special occasions. In addition, we invite you to discover the benefits of pressotherapy and its draining action, for a feeling of lightness and vitality.

We value not only your outer beauty, but also your inner well-being. Our special offers throughout the year give you the opportunity to experience our exceptional services at affordable prices. After two decades of experience, we continue to evolve and offer the latest in technology and skin care, we invite you to be part of our aesthetic revolution! Come and discover how we can enhance your beauty in a way that will surprise you, we look forward to meeting you soon!

Ana Aranda

Meet Ana Aranda, our passionate and versatile manager at Centro de Estética Guaraná. With exceptional experience in facial treatments of various kinds, Ana stands out as an expert in the art of enhancing beauty and promoting wellness. Representing the Anubis and Anubismed brands, Ana deploys her talents in a wide range of services, from skin rejuvenation through chemical peeling and dermapen, to deep relaxation with therapeutic and anti-cellulite massages. Her expertise also includes body wood therapy, eyelash lifting, eyebrow design and waxing. As a pioneer in device technology, Ana offers radiofrequency and Bellaction Duo treatments, demonstrating her dedication to the holistic wellbeing of our clients. In addition, her commitment is reflected in pressotherapy, which provides a rejuvenating and revitalising experience. Ana Aranda embodies passion and excellence in every service she provides, making each visit a unique and satisfying experience.


Let us introduce you to Desi, our semi-permanent and permanent manicure expert at Centro de Estética Guaraná. With meticulous attention and a unique artistic eye, Desi transforms your hands into true works of art. Her skill in the application of semi-permanent and permanent nail polish guarantees long-lasting and dazzling results. Desi not only beautifies your nails, but also creates a relaxing and rejuvenating experience while taking care of every detail. Whether you want a subtle touch or a bold style statement, Desi will make sure your hands look flawless and radiant for every occasion. Her dedication to perfection and creativity makes every manicure session an unforgettable moment of self-care and glamour.


Meet Montse, our beauty artist and expert in advanced treatments at Centro de Estética Guaraná. With a special focus on lasers, Montse works her magic in microblading and micropigmentation for eyebrows, eyes and lips, creating definition and lasting charm. Her expertise ranges from dermapen to eye contour treatment, fading bags and dark circles. Montse combines the revitalising power of vitamin C with facial wood therapy and has mastered cryo-regenerative facial and body treatments with Bellaction Duo, as well as the Hyaluron Pen for irresistible lips and liquid tightening threads for natural rejuvenation. In Montse’s hands, experience a journey to unparalleled beauty and rejuvenation.


Discover Yani, our multi-faceted professional at Guaraná Aesthetic Centre. With a masterful touch, Yani specialises in basic and deep cleansing facials, transforming each treatment with customised additions such as ultrasonic peels, diamond tip microdermabrasion and LED masks. Her expertise encompasses facial and body treatments, along with advanced techniques such as radiofrequency and microcurrent facial electro-lifting. Yani is also an expert in enhancing natural beauty with eyelash lifting and eyebrow design using henna. With meticulous attention, she performs electric hair removal, chemical peeling and microneedling with dermapen, while her myoxygenating facial massage and body massages complete a catalogue of holistic care. With Yani, experience a complete transformation and rejuvenating wellness with every session.